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Laptop’s in a deep deep coma.

Hi guys,

Okay sooo my 14 and a half year old laptop is in deep deep coma. I was so excited to post my  1st ever DINAGYANG experience last month but due to the critical condition of my laptop my posts will be posted til my laptop wakes up . Sadly, as much as I would like to post those photos now, I can’t. I can’t even open my external since it is also under respiratory treatment…

I am sad.. Very sad.. 😥

To my new awesome followers,
Thanks for subscribing!
To my loyal & awesome followers,
Thanks for staying!

Will update y’all soon!
AENRI (aah-yen-ree)

Happy New Year! Belated Happy Holidays!

Last year was crazy… Great opportunities swallowed by my newly found frenemy.. “Depression” (and may I say.. Depression sucks! Thou shall not give in!) 🙂

This year (finally!).. for the first time I have bought a planner! I have been visiting National Bookstore (several times) to decide on which planner I would buy. (Now I know how my friends feel when they get all giddy and all for a planner) from IT’S-JUST-A-PLANNER-to-IT’S-A-PLANNER! feeling. (Yes, that feeling!) I sit corrected. Haha.

I’m starting this year fresh, fit and clean. How about you guys?
I went to church with my mom, meditated, went to the gym to inquire about Circuit Training, changed my shower head.. Hmm what else? Hah! This year will be an amazing year! It should! It will be!

I’m thinking of keeping my hair light brown (whatever color this is) for the whole year or try other dyes for this year. Gaah, can’t wait to share with you more of Iloilo this year. Got lots of plans for my blog this year. This year, this year, THIS YEAR WILL BE A GOOD ONE! (Rastaman vibrations, yeah! Positive! Gotta have a good vibe!) 🙂

To my new followers, Thanks for following!
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Good Vibes Everyone! 🙂
Aenri (Aah-Yen-Ree)


I'm back!
Photo credits to Ron Matthews Espinosa <– See him on my BLOGROLL page! 🙂

Hey-ho-hey guys! How have you guys been? (*put bags down, remove cap, brush back hair w/ right hand*) “I’M BAAAAAAAACK!” 🙂 Sorry for the long inactivity guys! The past 8 months was just crazy.. A lot of things happened this year both good and bad. Talk about a rollercoaster of emotions! The  day before valentines day my dad passed away… I have grieved and I have cried a river in my bed but I know that crying was not gonna bring daddy back. I’ve lost faith in Jesus the day he died (but I’ve still been praying that prayer before meals though <– this, I find really funny) as months passed without my “FAITH IN GOD” people have been pushing me to go to church and then one day I did (with my friends) and then booom, tears began to fall and I started crying heavily alone sitting in that wooden pew in church then there I thought to myself that maybe I have just been running away from the thought that my dad had left us to go to a better place and to stop feeling the pain that he has been feeling for the past years. My dad was a religious man, so religious that I used to call him “FATHER” like the real father of the church. (Haha) but seriously he was. He would always tell everybody to go to church on Sundays and to keep praying or just give a little one-on-one time with Jesus. I know he always wanted me to keep my faith so that whatever crazy things I face, I’ll always have god with me. but aaanyways, knowing dad, I know he’s happier now that he is with his creator. 🙂 Okaaaay, EMO-ME is done now! Sorry for the 8 months of inactivity and I can’t wait to update y’all with all the GOOD things and events that is happening to me now! NEW LAYOUT! NEW CONTENT! I hope this makes it much easier for you guys to navigate on. (I am still working on some pages so It’ll be “UNDER-CONSTRUCTION” for now but I have placed linked-photo-posts on those pages, I swear I’m working on it! Haha) Update y’all very soon! Thanks for reading this post!Aenri (aah-yen-ree)

Belated Happy Holidays!


It would have been much cooler if I had greeted everyone during Christmas and New Year’s Eve.
Never even had the chance to post that Theater Camp that I was talking about, haha.
My last post was on the 1st of November. Gaah, I should be updating this blog soon. (or like.. NOW)

A lot has happened after my last post like.. Super typhoon YOLANDA or internationally know as Typhoon Haiyan and the stuff that my THEATER has been doing for the victims of the typhoon Yolanda..

Oh and I have reached a thousand visits here.. (1080 to be exact) — Thank you so much for visiting, reading and following!
I hope I wouldn’t bore you with my posts! 😀


HAPPY 2014!
HAPPY 2014!

Sunburn through the window

Sunburn through the window..

As I’ve told you before I’ve gone to a theater camp outside of our city for 3 days.
On the way home we rode a non-air-conditioned bus. I sat by the window seat (I am a big sucker for window seats)
It was about 1pm when we headed back to the city, so yep, I already knew that it was going to be hot and I mean HOT.
Good thing the bus was going fast, so I thank the wind for keeping me alive inside the bus. Halfway home I fell asleep and one of my little manghods  in our group (alex) told me that there was this one time where my head was already outside the window. (Well thank you for telling me afterwards but you could have woken me up, you know.  Haha)

Anyway, when I woke up I was a bit shocked to see that “ze zun haz burnt my arm” 
Well, I’ve “unpacked” my things already but it’s still on ze floor, till now.  (Lazy monkey)
I’ll be posting some of our photos during the theater camp in a bit.  😀

Camera used: Sony DSC-HX200V

Thanks for reading Bloggers, Phloggers and Readers!

Aenri (Aah-Yen-Ree)


Burnt Skin: You are so TOAST!

You are so toast, Toaster! (*cries in agony*)

Well, it was already 7AM and I have not slept yet. I got hungry, so I decided to make a cheese sandwich.
— (But ofcourse I still ate some chips, some cup noodles and drank a pitcher of lemonade — Yes, I know. I have not been eating and sleeping properly this past few months, I promise to eat clean and sleep on time next month, again, I’m sorry) —

Anyway, I noticed that the upper part of the “Pandesal” was slipping together with the cheese melting towards the bottom of the toaster. SO WITHOUT USING MY BRAIN, I tried to fix the sandwich and tried moving it a bit closer to the toaster’s lid and then BAAAAM, my hand got burned..  (remembers pain *cries in agony*) (looks at wound *cries in agony*)

Our helper Tin-Tin offered me an Aloe Vera leaf.  She told me to just rub the jelly part on my burnt skin and so I did.
I searched Mr. Google and asked him if there were any remedies I could do for my skin.. and I found out thaaaaat,
ALOE VERA + BURNT SKIN = Soooooothiiiiing…

1.) I should have soaked the burnt part in cold water for 20 mins as soon as possible,   AND SO I DID….
Never apply ice to your burnt skin, The extreme cold can further cause damage to the burn.

Cold Water
Cold Water

2. Pat the wound w/ a dry cloth and get your Aloe Vera.
Break the Aloe Vera in the most fattest region so you could get a lot of those jelly-wellies..

Aloe Vera
Aloe Vera

3. Start treating!  Rub the jelly-welly unto your burnt skin in a gentle motion.
(You can put or apply as much aloe-jelly as you want to)
(This felt so great, I could have finished the whole plant! Haha)

Aloe Vera Jelly
It’ll feel painful once the jelly has come off but it’ll be okay after a few minutes.. 😀

4. Look at your burnt skin, and tell yourself that it won’t leave a scar 😥
– Hopefully it won’t but they say that it usually does, but I hope not! (*fingers crossed*)

Burnt Skin
Burnt Skin

Please call your doctor if you think that it isn’t just a 1st-2nd degree burn..
Things could get pretty nasty if you won’t. \(-__-)/

Camera used: GE X500
it was really hard taking a picture with this camera since it not friendly to those shaky hands (even just a bit)
though it takes good close-up photos when using a tripod (or when your really doing everything to stay still, haha)

Well, thank you for reading!
Enjoy your day Bloggers, Phloggers and Awesome Readers!
Aenri (Aah-Yen-Ree)

Lines: Black & Yellow

6 hours ago. iPhone 5 quality (Yep, no dslr todaaay) – Under the flyover/overpass. (c) Quezzy Claire Pedregosa
I haven’t posted any posts this month, so far it’s been boring and all I do now is eat, eat and EAT.
Gaaah, but we’ll be going to a theater camp next next week, I can’t wait! (Soooo, That means I have something to post again soon!) 😀
Uuuuh,  Okay.. I’ll sleep now.  Goodnight Bloggers, Phlogger and Awesome readers! 😀
Aenri (Aah-Yen-Ree)

iPhone 5 - Iloilo Flyover/Overpass
iPhone 5 – Iloilo Flyover/Overpass
iPhone 5 - Iloilo Flyover/Overpass
iPhone 5 – Iloilo Flyover/Overpass

Multiply Reincarnates Into a Social Shopping Hub

Hi Hi Hello.

Since “Multiply rebooted its system last December..
Getting rid of its Social Network and now focusing on being the “Social Shopping Hub” for Online Marketers.

Those who wasn’t able to save their files from that site is now living in a world of fear. (That’s me) Mehehe..
Goodbye Photos, Goodbye.  😥
(Now, I fear for my photos on Facebook) But, I think it’s time to put my new 1TB WD Hard Drive  “Teeruh” to use!

So, while I’ve been saving all my photos from Facebook to “Teeruh” I decided to fix some of  the photos 
and upload it here on WordPress..

It’s not that great though.. But whatever.. 
(Still thinking of a good name for my new category)

Enjoy your day Blogger, Phlogger and Readers!
– Aenri (Aah-Yen-Ree)

About me and this so-called “Phlog”

Hi Hi Hello.


For the past few days I have been changing my blog’s title. From “Beyond Shutters” to “Beyond Schizophrenic Shutters” to “An Amateurs Perspective” and I still have this feeling of changing it again. My friend even suggested a title “A Schizophrenics Point Of View” Uuuh, No thanks. People might think of me as a Schizo, Nope not a Schizo. (Though I AM talking to myself right now, does that even count?) Hearing voices and having Imaginary friends. Sounds awesome, but I just feel so sorry for Schizos, I hope they find a cure soon.

For those who wanna know more about Schizos you could check this link out : Her name’s Janni and has been diagnosed with child onset schizophrenia when she was just 6 years old : “Her father knew there was something special about his daughter but by the time she was five, his pride had turned to panic“ & “Jani’s at the mercy of her mind“

Well, I have no idea what this blog would look like in the future, but I hope it’ll look NEAT.  At first I thought that making a photoblog would be that simple. I guess not. It made/makes my brain bleed. I never knew that after my 5-10 minutes of signing up on WordPress would take me around a week or two to just think of a title or to just even post a single thing on this page. The first one was in my “About” page (So, please do check it out, even if it’ll get you nowhere) Hahaha (*crickets)

I guess I’ll be posting my so-called RANTS and PHOTOS here (things, events, places, theater, plays I’ve lighted etc..) Photos uploaded here would be photos I took using  ”Enrique” my old Canon 10d and my other film cameras aMinolta XG-1Canonet 28 and a Ricoh 500G

PS: If you wanna know more about me : — or just click the “About” button (or whatever you call that) up there under the header.  😀 Leave me a comment, a message or something. I do not bite. But I do lick. Kidding. Haha. Alright.

Enjoy your day phloggers, bloggers and readers!

– Aenri (Aah-Yen-Ree)