Let’s Talk

Hi Hi Hello!

Feelin’ lonely? Tired of talking to yourself?
Well fear no more! I shall aid you in your quest of finding happiness. Hahaha

Just kidding. (Well, sort of..)

If you have questions that you wanna ask (stuff like, how many strands of hair do you have?)
Well, I have no answers for you. Go find another blogger/phlogger/whatever. 😀
No, but seriously.

If you have questions/things that you’d like to ask about… (photography,editing,music,theater,lighting,artists,gadgets,animals,travels,animations,food,paranormal things,gross stuff,wounds,sickness,crisis,rainbow flags)

Things you want me to talk about…

Things you don’t want me to talk about..

Things you want me to take photos of..  (That excludes anything associated with Pornography, thanks)  😀

Please do send me a message. 

Well, I think it’s time for you to fill up this form (you’re awesome!)

Thanks! Hope to hear from you soon!
Enjoy your day! 😀

– Aenri (aah-yen-ree)

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