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Burnt Skin: You are so TOAST!

You are so toast, Toaster! (*cries in agony*)

Well, it was already 7AM and I have not slept yet. I got hungry, so I decided to make a cheese sandwich.
— (But ofcourse I still ate some chips, some cup noodles and drank a pitcher of lemonade — Yes, I know. I have not been eating and sleeping properly this past few months, I promise to eat clean and sleep on time next month, again, I’m sorry) —

Anyway, I noticed that the upper part of the “Pandesal” was slipping together with the cheese melting towards the bottom of the toaster. SO WITHOUT USING MY BRAIN, I tried to fix the sandwich and tried moving it a bit closer to the toaster’s lid and then BAAAAM, my hand got burned..  (remembers pain *cries in agony*) (looks at wound *cries in agony*)

Our helper Tin-Tin offered me an Aloe Vera leaf.  She told me to just rub the jelly part on my burnt skin and so I did.
I searched Mr. Google and asked him if there were any remedies I could do for my skin.. and I found out thaaaaat,
ALOE VERA + BURNT SKIN = Soooooothiiiiing…

1.) I should have soaked the burnt part in cold water for 20 mins as soon as possible,   AND SO I DID….
Never apply ice to your burnt skin, The extreme cold can further cause damage to the burn.

Cold Water
Cold Water

2. Pat the wound w/ a dry cloth and get your Aloe Vera.
Break the Aloe Vera in the most fattest region so you could get a lot of those jelly-wellies..

Aloe Vera
Aloe Vera

3. Start treating!  Rub the jelly-welly unto your burnt skin in a gentle motion.
(You can put or apply as much aloe-jelly as you want to)
(This felt so great, I could have finished the whole plant! Haha)

Aloe Vera Jelly
It’ll feel painful once the jelly has come off but it’ll be okay after a few minutes.. 😀

4. Look at your burnt skin, and tell yourself that it won’t leave a scar 😥
– Hopefully it won’t but they say that it usually does, but I hope not! (*fingers crossed*)

Burnt Skin
Burnt Skin

Please call your doctor if you think that it isn’t just a 1st-2nd degree burn..
Things could get pretty nasty if you won’t. \(-__-)/

Camera used: GE X500
it was really hard taking a picture with this camera since it not friendly to those shaky hands (even just a bit)
though it takes good close-up photos when using a tripod (or when your really doing everything to stay still, haha)

Well, thank you for reading!
Enjoy your day Bloggers, Phloggers and Awesome Readers!
Aenri (Aah-Yen-Ree)